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Q. When shall I book a bus?

A. Whenever it's needed, but normally 3 to 6 months in advance is recommended. However, some dates in April, May, June and many weekend dates will book full 6-9 months in advance.

Q. Is a deposit required?

A. Creditable Express typically requires a 5% deposit at the time the vehicle is booked.

Q. After the deposit is paid, when is the rest of my balance due?

A. The total payment is due on or before the scheduled departure the day of the trip. Any trip booked within 24 hours to the scheduled date requires payment in full at the time of booking. 

Q. How does Creditable Express handle refunds and cancellations?

A. Your complete deposit is completely refundable within 48 hours of booking the trip otherwise you will forfeit the entire payment. For all cancellations we have up to 30 days to refund all payments.

Q. Is a tip for the driver required?

A. A tip for the driver is not required, but if the driver does his/her job well, a tip is always appreciated. We suggest a 10-20% gratuity, depending on service.  

Q. What payment methods does Creditable Express accept?

A. To suit your payment needs, Creditable Express accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal and money orders. We do not accept personal checks.  

Q. What will I be charged and what is the process if plans are changed?

A. You will be charged a 5% deposit at the time you book the order with Creditable Express. The balance will be charged 72 hours prior to service. A change regarding moving up the booking date may result in some availability issues but a fee is not charged. As long as there is availability, Creditable Express will be happy to reschedule your transportation needs, but we do request that you contact your Creditable Express representative as soon as you can to avoid any conflicts.  

Q. What if my bus is late or has a breakdown?

A. Creditable Express has affiliates that are just a phone call away to handle any unforeseeable problems. There is also a 5% off the bill if the driver arrives 15 minutes or more late.  


Q. How many passengers does a school bus/buses generally seat?

A. Creditable Express school bus/buses seats 78 Adults and 84 small children.  

Q. I would only like to rent a bus for a short amount of time. What is the minimum amount of time that a bus can be booked?

A. Our buses have a five-hour minimum. Mini buses have a three-hour minimum unless there is a one-way.